NOVA Center for the Performing Arts -- Billings, Montana

A Letter from our Managing Producer

Dodie Rife


NOVA Center for the Performing Arts has a great mix of performances including classics, musicals, operas, comedies, dramas and children’s shows.


NOVA is a community theater and values community involvement. With your assistance and support, we will continue to carry out our mission of enhancing the performing arts culture in Billings and the surrounding area.


A well-rounded cultural life is one of the best economic indicators of the health of a community. People who care about and support the arts also care about and support other needs such as humanitarian and environmental projects. Billings is endowed with a beautiful natural environment, moderate climate, and rich cultural offerings. NOVA Center for the Performing Arts fills a very important niche in the varied cultural tapestry of this area.




Dodie Rife

Managing Producer

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