NOVA Center for the Performing Arts -- Billings, Montana

Server Training

To all who volunteer from time to time in concessions at NOVA Center for the Performing Arts — thanks — we appreciate your past and continuing help.

For the future, because of the Montana Responsible Sales and Service Act, any one serving alcohol at the center must have taken and passed an approved server training course (must be 18 or older). There are a couple ways to get trained:

Contact Dodie Rife, or call 406-591-9535

If would like to get certified, you can take an approved online class on your own at your own expense. The cost of these classes will run from about $20 – $30. We cannot reimburse you for this cost, but we can give you a voucher for an upcoming show. There are a number of approved on-line courses including:

Others are available on the Dept of Revenue Website

If you take the class online, please me and submit a copy of your certificate of completion to myself or the theatre.

Thanks for being a part of the success of NOVA as we strive to “enhance the performing arts culture of the greater Billings region through education, development and performance.”

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